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In the year 2020, with the COVID 19 pandemic, the Lodges were closed all over the world and derived from the need for mutual instruction, a group of Mexican Freemasons, we were giving conferences and inviting Brothers from other groups, after other Grand Lodges and finally we crossed the borders. That is why the first motto of the C.E.M.I. It was "WE CONTINUE WORKING" alluding to the fact that no personal or world circumstance could limit the work of the Freemasons.

The first conference was given on April 15, 2020 of the common era, by our V∴H∴ Nathur Fuentes and organized by the RR∴HH∴ Daniel Vega and Antonio Anatayel Montejano Arauz.

In July 2021, the C.E.M.I. It is made up of more than 7,600 Freemasons from 62 countries. Its organic structure (put a hyperlink that leads to the directory) consists of a President, an Executive Secretary and 29 Directors, by country, region or specialty in any subject. We build various platforms, making use of social networks (put a hyperlink that leads to the CONTACTS WITH THE C.E.M.I. tab) and technology, in addition to the interpersonal work that our authorities and most assiduous members do.

In its first year the C.E.M.I. organized more than 133 conferences. We have a conference modality that we have called private, strictly for Freemasons, since the topics that are addressed are only of interest to initiates and are stored in a space of strict access to Brothers.

The other mode of conference,we call them public (can be accessed by any interested person) they are transmitted and stored in public spacesThis has allowed us to develop a bridge of communication between Freemasons and society, it has allowed many myths to be broken that are based on ignorance of Freemasonry and constitute the basis of our current currency.



With the storage of the conferences, we have managed to break the time barrier, since regular participants have told us that on some occasion they could not attend a conference, but later they were able to enjoy and learn from it. One of the main prides of the C.E.M.I. it is that there are no distinctions, Freemasons from all over the world can participate freely, regardless of degree, obedience or condition, this has allowed to reconcile Brothers who at some point were confronted by administrative circumstances; recover Brothers who were "in dreams", or who for some personal reason could not continue their work within a Lodge.


We have the happiness of generating new bonds of brotherhood by breaking down walls, schedules, borders and other limits. For more precise data on our history, we invite you to watch the following video:

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